About Ontario Commodity Report: The History

The Ontario Commodity Report is created at the Farm Market News desk at the Ridgetown Campus, University of Guelph.  Its history started in 1991 when the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs moved it from Toronto to Ridgetown.  Since that time Editor, John Jordan has modernized the reporting service with the latest in technology. 

Jordan has a 40 year broadcast career in agriculture, beginning in 1970 as co-host of the CBC Radio Noon Broadcast in Windsor, Ontario.

Farm Market News has been providing the Ontario cash grain market reports to the former corn, soybean and wheat groups as it key clients since 1997.  Now, with the three commodities under one group, the Grain Farmers of Ontario, FMN is considered the gold standard for the most comprehensive cash bids reporting source for it members from across the province.